Walmart Impacts 'Popcorn Falls' Community

Mrs. Omki's famous strawberry-kiwi tarts that were shut down by Walmart

Popcorn Falls - The newly developed dam continues to dry up community resources. It has brought nothing but challenges for the "kernels" of Popcorn Falls, leaving many residents wondering,  what will be the next thing to go as a result?

It is with heavy heart that Mrs. Omki's famous Tart Cart is forced to depart for a new start after the new giant mart outsmarted the small tart cart. A Walmart has begun construction where she used to park her Tart Cart. A mainstay of the town when tourism was booming in the area, the cart is now looking for a new home due to the changes.

Mrs. Omki stated that she intends to speak her mind to Popcorn Falls' new Mayor, Mr. Trundle, and is determined to find a new location for her  at the next town meeting. She is also very open to new ideas for her new location, citing that her mobile tart cart makes it easy for her to set up shop anywhere.

For What's Poppin' News, Theo Pointe.


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