Squirrels at Center of Latest Squabble

Neighborhood squirrel taking advantage of resident's generosity.

The squirrel infestation continues as more citizens experience the invasion of the cute and agile critters within their homes. Reports of holes in houses, attics overrun, and cords continuously needing replacing have flooded into animal control over the last few days. Unfortunately, due to the latest round of budget cuts, the city cannot keep up with the impending invasion. 

Some residents are learning to coexist with the new housemates. Peanut sales are the highest they have been in years, Classes such as 'Squirrel Behaviors: Learn to translate nose, tail, and ear twitches' and 'Learn to Speak Squirrel' are becoming staples of the town, and squirrel sized furniture made from sticks is the latest feature on the local Popcorn DIY YouTube channel.

With so many people accepting the squirrel invasion as our new way of life, it looks as though our furry friends are here to stay.

Penny Inkwell
What's Poppin' News


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