New Dam Doesn't Bring Any Dam Progress to Popcorn Falls

The Popcorn River has all but dried up as a result of the damming dam. Photo: Cameron Shutterfeld

The dam is built, and now that it is, it looks like Popcorn Falls will be dammed for a long time. Mr. Doyle, the head of the Cattaraugus County Budget Planning Committee enthusiastically cut the ribbon for the new dam, located just outside of the town of Popcorn Falls months ago, and the results have been anything but positive for the small town.

Doyle has promised that the dam is a good thing for Cattaraugus County, but Popcorn Falls residents aren't so sure. "The falls were a real attraction for our town. Who's going to want to come to Popcorn Falls when there are no falls?" asked a longtime resident of Popcorn.

New Popcorn Falls Mayor Mr. Trundle is trying to be optimistic, having promised a "Housing Boom" during his campaign.  But former supporters like middle school teacher Mrs. Stepp are souring on him quickly. She intends to confront him at the next town meeting, coming up in just a few short weeks.

We will keep you kernels updated as we dive deeper into this blunder of politics.

Theo Pointe,
What's Poppin' News


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