Cat Burlgar Strikes Again

Mr. Cuddles after joining the circus last year for a stint. 

Mr. Cuddles, a locally famous cat known for his many mischievous misadventures, once again found his way into the local toy store.

Various knick-knacks were ransacked and knocked to the floor. A village train set was destroyed, as if Godzilla himself had terrorized the town. Numerous Tickle Me Elmos were found giggling on the floor when employees opened the store the following morning. Legos were spilled across the floor, making for an almost impossible maze for employees to navigate while top shelf items were carelessly knocked to the floor, just for the fun of it.

Mr. Cuddles was found cuddling up to purring cat plushies, blissfully unaware of the massive destructing he caused. Witnesses report that he lay there for about another hour, purring in the morning sunlight. He then grabbed the closest plush and slinked out the front door, without a care in the world.

The damage caused by the cat burglar is estimated to be around $50 dollars (mostly from replacing batteries) and resulted in about an hour of manual labor consisting of lint rolling, vacuuming, and rearranging displays.

While the majority of Kernels don't mind the random visits from Mr. Cuddles, some wonder if the cat should have something better to do with his time. "We should be training him to terrorize the dam." offered one Kernel. "I mean, with enough time, he could cause a lot of damage over there and maybe we could get our town back on track."

But others, like the local grocer, find his antics endearing and helpful. "That frisky feline put our business on the map!" She is referring to Mr. Cuddle's adventures last month that were caught on security cameras in her store that currently has a total of 1000 views.

Regardless of their stance, this latest event leaves many Kernels wondering, where will Mr. Cuddles pop up next?

Penny Inkwell
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